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Yirka Carpet Cleaning Serving Portland OR Since 2008

With a background in construction since 1995 and professional carpet cleaning since 2008, Yirka Krejci Carpet Cleaning is highly experienced and responsive to the needs of our clients and partners. We give each and every client personal attention, consistency and exceptional workmanship, using the best quality environmentally friendly products.

Among our valued clients and partners are:

  • Providence Hospital
  • Windermere Realty
  • Hanson Realty
  • Professional Group Property Management Company
  • ,Sleep Sound Property Management
  • N&C Building Service
  • Sovereign Construction
  • Madison’s Bar & Grill
  • Spin Catering
  • Tony Starlight Showroom

We continually receive referrals from our satisfied customers who are happy to help their friends, family, and business relationships work with a reputable company offering superior results. At Yirka Krejci Carpet Cleaning, you can rely on us to complete the job with the utmost professionalism, respect,and expertise. We carry 2 million dollars in liability insurance as added protection, and always perform our duties with extreme caution and care.

Green Eco-Friendly Carpet Cleaning Products

At Yirka Krejci Carpet Cleaning, we do our part to protect the environment by using Biokleen products, green cleaning solutions, free from harmful chemicals. In addition, all Biokleen products are designed with your pets in mind, because pets are just as sensitive to chemicals as their caretakers. All Biokleen products are free from alcohol, ammonia, artificial colors and fragrances, brighteners, butyl, chlorine, glycol ether, and petroleum solvents. We stand by their motto that “A house free of toxins is a home full of love.”

About Yirka

  Yirka Krejci is a dedicated family man with two children. Whenever he has the chance he likes to spend time near water out in nature with his kids. He also enjoys organic gardening, raising chickens and sourcing his food as naturally as possible.




Yirka has partnered with N&C Service as a sub-contractor for over ten years, and over those years he has provided us with consistently high-quality work we can count on.


As president of N&C Service, I worked directly with our sub-contractors from time to time. I have found Yirka to be thorough ad detail oriented with every assignment. He is flexible and willing to work with our staff and customers to ensure a job is completed according to the customer's standards. Yirka is a valued member of our crew because of his efficiency, punctuality, and knowledge of carpet cleaning.


Yirka has managed the carpet care for one of our biggest medical facilities for over ten years. He would be a beneficial asset to any organization.



Mark Chapin

President N&C Service Inc.



Dear Yirka,


As I am relocating to the state of Utah to be closer to my family.  I would like to take a moment and formally thank you for the wonderful service you and Executive Carpet Cleaning have provided for my accounts and for Millennium Building Services.


We have worked together for almost the past five years and I appreciate how you have always done the work on time, followed the correct schedule and all work has been done to the high levels of quality and service. I really appreciate the fact that anytime I have ever had an issue with a project, without question, you have returned to make sure the job is done right.  In our industry that is not always the case with vendors so knowing that you provide that level of service is what has allowed Millennium Building Services to continue growing while making sure our customers are happy.


If you would ever like to include me as a reference or need a referral do not hesitate to have customers or potential customers call me.  Depending on my schedule, I will try and respond as soon as possible.


It has been a great pleasure working with you and Executive Carpet Cleaning and I will you all the luck and success in your future.


Thanks Again.


Michael J. McCaffery