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What is your method for cleaning hardwood floors?

The pores of your hardwood accumulate stubborn dirt that standard mopping doesn’t remove. It’s basically a 4-step process: 1) vacuum the area to remove any loose dirt and particles 2) apply an alkaline cleaner to deep clean floors 3) apply a neutral cleaner to restore shine 4) hand detail edges and stairs. To keep your hardwood floors looking their best, we recommend a professional cleaning twice a year.

Do you recommend a sealant to protect the floor after cleaning?

Definitely! We offer a maintenance coat or a poly coat.

  • Maintenance Coat: We start with our cleaning process, followed by a layer of our fast-drying maintenance coat solution to finish the floor with a glossy sheen.
  • Poly Coat: Our fast-drying poly coat solution protects against water and chemical damage, but also helps resist scratching and scuffing, while restoring shine.