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Cleaning Appointments

Do you confirm appointments with a phone call or email?

Email confirmation upon scheduling with a phone call reminder one day prior.

What time will you show up?

We will show up within 15 minutes of your scheduled time or call. Some appointments may take a bit longer than expected, but we always strive for timeliness.

Do I need to leave my house while you are cleaning?

This goes to your comfort level. First time jobs often like to be present. Recurring clients have come to know and trust us being unsupervised. If you need to leave or run an errand, go right ahead. We’ll lock up when the job is complete.

Is there a travel charge?

As long as you are within our extensive service area, there is no charge for travel time.

What if I want to cancel an appointment?

We realize conflicts may make it difficult to keep an appointment. Please give us the courtesy of cancelling as soon as possible. At least one day prior is preferred. If we have ample notice, we can book another appointment.

What are acceptable forms of payment?

We accept cash or check immediately upon completion of all residential jobs.

CARPET CLEANING — Frequently Asked Questions

What is your method for carpet cleaning?

We use the most effective method of steam cleaning, using environmentally safe products, followed by a powerful suction to extract deep-down dirt, dust and allergens.  For the commercial jobs we also use all other methods  approved by the industry.

Can I skip vacuuming before a cleaning?

A light vacuuming would be helpful, especially if it hasn’t been done in several days. Definitely pick up any large debris from the carpet. Or we will do it for an additional cost.

How much time do you generally need?

The amount of time it will take depends on condition and size of the job. After assessing your space, we will be able to give you an approximate timeline.

Do you move furniture?

We are happy to move any manageable furniture and return to its original location at completion of cleaning. We do not move large furniture such as China cabinets, beds, dressers, electronics,art,aquariums and other.

What can I do to help prepare for your visit?

Remove all from the carpet that needs to be cleaned. We recommend removing items off from your furniture in preparation for our arrival, especially breakables. We can get the job done quicker without having to worry about the small items that might hinder our progress. It is also best to remove cars from driveways or garages to give us easier access to your home.

How long will my carpet take to dry?

There are many factors that contribute to the overall drying time of your carpet, such as temperature and humidity. Your carpet can take anywhere from 8 hours to 12 hours to dry. You can accelerate this process with the use of fans and air conditioning, or heating. You can walk on your carpet while it is drying, but avoid shoes to prevent soiling the carpet before it’s dry. Also, your feet may be slippery from the dampness, so take care when going from carpet to floors.

Do you guarantee removal of all carpet spots and stains?

There are many factors that contribute to successful stain removal, such as age of carpet, the type of fibers and the type of stain. We cannot guarantee removal of every stain, but we can guarantee that we will use our expertise to maximize the results as best as possible.

Do you guarantee my satisfaction?

We absolutely want you to be completely satisfied with our work and are happy to retreat stubborn areas when you call us directly after the carpet has dried, before traffic to the area resumes.



Why should I have a protector applied to my clean carpets?

Sealing each fiber with a protective coating helps avoid stains from completely soaking in and becoming difficult to remove. We recommend adding a protectant to help maintain your carpet between professional cleanings.

How do you remove odors?

We use a neutralizing bacterial enzyme action to immediately remove surface odors such as pet accidents, vomit, soured milk, etc. If the contaminate has penetrated through the carpet to the padding and backing, we cannot guarantee complete removal of the odor.



Are carpet and upholstery cleaning agents about the same?

No. Over-the-counter cleaning products may contain high pH levels, which can have an adverse effect on your carpet or upholstery. We recommend rinsing out any spot cleaners you use.

Can you apply a deodorizer to my carpet?

We use a high pressure sprayer to apply a deodorizer and rake it deep into the carpet to provide long lasting results.

Do you offer carpet and upholstery protection?

We do provide a service that uses Dupont Teflon™, to prolong the life of your carpet and upholstery for an extra charge and are happy to provide you with a free estimate.

How do you handle pet urine odors?

We are highly successful at removing urine odors when it hasn’t penetrated through to the pad. Though our products do have a deterrent, we cannot guarantee that your pet will not continue to mark their territory.

Is there an extra fee for heavily soiled carpet and stains?

For heavily soiled areas, there is no extra fee. We will go over stains multiple times, but some require more attention in which we must charge. We will always discuss your options before billing you for any extra work.

Will the use of water damage my carpet?

No. Today’s carpets are water resistant and our high powered suction removes the majority of water leaving you with damp carpet that should dry fairly quickly.

Can I have my area rugs and the carpet cleaned at the same time?

Absolutely, but we would need to move the area rug away from the wet carpet after cleaning to allow both materials to sufficiently dry.

What are those black lines around the corle space cover and under the doors?

They are called “filtration lines,” generally caused by the soot of your furnace or candles. While we can treat and improve these areas, it is a detailed, lengthy process with an additional cost that requires a unique appointment. The process can take a whole day.

What are those black lines around the base edges of my carpet?

Usually that is where the carpet cleaning chemical was not extracted by last carpet cleaning and it is still there.

Can you do anything about wrinkles in the carpet?

Normal wear, grade of carpet and shoddy installation can contribute to wrinkles in your carpet. Let us know when you schedule your cleaning if you want help in this area and we will be happy to stretch your wrinkles to repair the issue.


In the event of a water emergency, who can I call?

We can be reached at 503-957-4555 or 360#

What water restoration services do you provide?

We will remove the water, clean and dry the carpets.